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hookah waterpipenarghilearghila, or shisha are water pipes that are used to smoke specially made tobacco that comes in different flavors, such as apple, mint, cherry, chocolate, coconut, licorice, cappuccino, and watermelon.  Smoky Hookah Shop offers all hookah and tobacco brands at a competitive prices with highest quality shisha brands and tobacco products that comes in different flavors, such as apple, mint, cherry, chocolate, coconut, licorice, cappuccino, watermelon and more.  We are a leading hookah store in Chicago, IL that specializes in hookahs, hookah accessories and hookah parts.  Smoky hookah carry the widest variety of shisha brands as well as shisha tobacco flavors and brands.

Hookah Tobacco


About Hookah Tobacco

The tobacco used in hookahs is not the same as that used in cigarettes, cigars, or other forms of tobacco smoking. Commonly referred to as shisha, or mu'assel in Arabic countries, it consists of a mixture of tobacco, molasses, and usually some form of vegetable glycerol. The glycerol adds extra moisture, enabling the tobacco to vaporize more quickly when exposed to the heat of the charcoal.

 Hookahs consist of a long pipe with a bowl for herbs at the top and a bowl of water at the bottom. Charcoal is set on top of the bowl to heat the tobacco, and when the hookah is used it sucks hot air through the tobacco, vaporizing it and carrying it through the water at the bottom of the hookah. The water cools the smoke, enhancing the flavor and making a better smoking experience.

 Shisha is not burned directly like the tobacco in pipes or cigarettes, but instead is vaporized by the heat of the charcoal on the foil covering the bowl. The higher the quality of molasses mixed into the hookah tobacco, the better the smoke will taste and the more pleasant the experience will be. The variety of flavors available means there is a hookah tobacco for everyone to enjoy.

Haze Tobacco

Haze Tobacco is a hookah tobacco company founded in the United States by hookah enthusiasts. The company is based in Texas, and in traditional Texan spirit, Haze Tobacco is an attempt to make bigger and better shisha. Haze is made from only the highest quality tobacco and is very meticulous in its production systems. Their goal is to make a hookah tobacco that will produce bigger flavor, bigger smoke, and an altogether bigger experience.

Haze also includes detailed instructions on their website for packing a bowl, so first time users of their product will have the best experience. While some shisha needs to be blotted dry to prevent excess smoke or burning, Haze makes their shisha intentionally moist to provide more flavor. The company recommends adding one extra coal to the top of the bowl, as the shisha needs to be hotter for the full experience. Three or four coals are recommended, and Haze advises they be placed around the edge of the bowl so they more effectively heat both the bowl and the shisha inside it.

Al Fakher Tobacco

There is a variety of hookah tobacco in today’s marketplace. Shisha is made by several companies, each with their own methods and ingredients. Al Fakher is a shisha company based in the United Arab Emirates that produces its shisha not only to be a successful business, but to continue a long Middle-Eastern tradition. Al Fakher's shisha comes in a variety of flavors, like all hookah tobaccos, but this company stands out for its dedication to using only high quality molasses.

Molasses is a key ingredient of all hookah tobaccos. The better the molasses quality, the better the hookah experience. Al Fakher has been consistently updating the technology and machinery used in its shisha making process, introducing automation to the molasses production to ensure more efficient and high quality hookah tobacco.


In the regular line of shisha, Starbuzz offers traditional fruit flavors like mango, cherry, guava, and orange. Fruit flavors are extremely popular with hookah users. The Starbuzz selection also includes tantalizing flavor mixtures such as kiwi strawberry, citrus mint, caramel apple, or blueberry grape. In addition to traditional flavors, unique varieties such as cappuccino, apple martini, classic mojito, peaches and cream, tequila sunrise, and the interestingly named "sex on the beach" are also available.